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When I started my adventure into the world of writing I was naive, hopeful, excited and ended up in a lot of debt! It has taken a lot of discipline to get onto a track with no over-spending, while still maintaining high standards! My aim is to assist other self-publishing authors along with their career by offering advice, and services at an affordable rate. If I can help you, I will.

Josephine was the first person to be offered my publishing services.

I was blessed to have met this woman Tracy N Traynor who came into my life as I was seeking to write a book. I was afraid to even think about writing, let alone become an author!  But, thankfully someone shared Ms Traynor’s info with me and I made contact.  ANYONE who wants to become an author can do it with the right guidance.  Tracy made writing the most difficult book in my life a whiz.  She is kind, understanding, smart, diligent, and VERY TIMELY!!!  I cannot guarantee that she has time for new customers, but you would be so blessed to have her, you can also follow her simple guidance in her book Don’t Go for Broke’.  If you want to see her 5-star work, check out my first and recently published book on Amazon that’s getting a LOT of attention: The Chase – in hot pursuit of my daughter’s killer.  Josephine F Wentzel

Jill was the second person to use my publishing services.

My friend AA Abbott recommended I contact Tracy at TNT Self- Publishing, to edit and publish my first book.  As it was during COVID times, we communicated exclusively through text and email. Tracy asked all the right questions and understood what I wanted to achieve from my collection of short stories called ‘Telling Tales’.  She believed in me and I found that her experience and attention to detail gave me complete confidence in herself and Nigel, who second edited my book.  I couldn’t believe how proactive, diligent, yet timely the publishing process was – from receiving my manuscript to publishing, took less than two months! Tracy was both professional and exceptional throughout.

She found a number of book covers, but of course one stood out, which we both loved.  Any suggestions and critique helped me to polish the stories and I am delighted with the enhanced end result.  Tracy has become my ‘virtual’ friend (COVID restrictions!) who has helped and supported me from the beginning and on-going through the marketing phase. Her approach has given me a confidence and belief in myself and my writing therefore I recommend TNT Self-Publishing to everyone.  The perfect professionals!  I can’t wait to use Tracy and TNT Self-Publishing for my next book, which will be a novel called ’The Lie Within’.  Jill Griffin 

If you would like to know more, please contact me below.

If finding a traditional publisher feels like finding a needle in a haystack, and yet self-publishing feels like a mountain too high to climb, then TNT Self-Publishing Support is your answer!

I will ‘publish’ your book onto Amazon for you, with the difference that you will be in full control and will be published on your own KDP account. I will just take all the hard-work and stress out of it for you. From editing and storyline advice, formatting for both eBook and paperback, selecting the appropriate keywords and categories to publishing your book on KDP – I will do it all so you don’t have to. I can even run your Amazon Ads for you. Please contact me below for prices – which will depend on length of book.

New! Book Descriptions Package

Having a good story is, unfortunately, not enough to get you sales. First, you need an eye-catching, genre appropriate book cover, and then you need a book description that grabs attention. Only then will readers peek inside your book to see if they want to buy. With experiece you can certainly learn how to do blurbs yourselves. However, if when you start out you are like me, then this may just be a step too difficult. It took me a few years to grasp the essence of a book that needs to go into a book description. So why not let me help you? The below package price is for manuscripts with a word count of 85,000 or less.

Recommendations for the Book Description service.

Tracy did an excellent job with my book description.  Not only was she thorough on the project but delivered it ahead of schedule!  She was very prompt and positive in her responses, and gave constructive feedback and worked with me to find solutions.  I couldn’t have asked for a better product.  If you’re looking for someone to be in your corner and do an excellent job, you’ve come to the right place.  Will use again. Colin Rink

As an indie author, I found myself competing against millions of other titles on Amazon, many of them strategically positioned, described, and promoted by experienced publishers. Their goal was to drown me so I shouldn’t have been surprised that my novel was stuck low in the rankings after launching it, completely unnoticed. I felt I had a pretty good book but knew that my blurb, description, and my “catch” were weak. Within days of contacting Tracy Traynor, she completely overhauled my book’s presentation. Shortly thereafter, I began climbing the Amazon rankings in three different markets, and in categories where my book got noticed. After reading Tracy’s “Don’t Go For Broke…”, I ran a strategic promotion and became an Amazon #1 bestseller in two markets (the US and Canada). My UK ranking soared as well. Tracy’s services are affordable, tailored to meet your goals, and she is incredibly prompt. As a self-published best-selling author herself, Tracy has been in your shoes. There were hundreds of book marketers and promoters who promised me great results, but Tracy actually delivered for me. Even after her services were complete, she was more than happy to offer me strategic advice afterward.  Cam Lang

There are so many author paid for services out there that it’s sometimes difficult to know which are going to give value. Well I can say absolutely categorically that TN Traynor’s blurb+ service punches way above its weight in terms of value. The blurb itself was of high quality but it’s all the additional things she just just throws in for free like Amazon categories and keywords and ideas for ads as well as her absolutely indispensable guide to self publishing – which was so good I went and bought a copy for a friend. And she’s just so friendly, responsive and easy to work with. Highly, highly, recommended. R P Nathan

Self-Publishing Support

Book Descriptions/BlurbsUp to 75,000 Words$120.00
E-book formatting Up to 75,000 Words$35.00
Paperback formattingUp to 75,000 Words$55.00
Amazon key word suggestions for advertisingAny length$15.00
Amazon Category suggestionsAny length$15.00
2 weeks Twitter advertising with free image Any length$15.00
For blurbs over 75,000 words, please email for quote
For editorial reviews, please email for quote

Recommendations for my other services.

I was Introduced to Tracy with TNT Self-Publishing Support through an editorial review service and it was the saving grace of those first steps into the publishing world. She and her colleague Nigel have polished my fantasy series to a high shine and left me eternally grateful. The steady communication, efficient and timely responses to any and all questions left me feeling extremely confident that my vision for my book babies was understood and would be taken care of. The suggestions, directional questions and critiques helped me to round out and add details that enhanced my stories. The entire process of editing all three books in my series was smooth and stress free. If you are looking for a professional, stress free editor, stop now and book them. You won’t regret it.
Nicole Patrice Thomas

An excellent team to work with. They offered good tips for increasing visibility; made suggestions (but offered only as suggestions) for improvements in the text; pointed out how to comply with Amazon standards; caught spelling and grammar errors; and talked about the book in a conversational way. Overall a very pleasant experience which I would be happy to repeat in the future. Randolph Parrish

I am so pleased with the editing service Tracy & Nigel of ‘TNT Self-Publishing Support’ editing service completed for my book I want to shout out my sincere thanks for a job well done. Their professional work to correct and enhance my manuscript is magical, thier professional directions enhanced the substance and structure and had it ready to send to the Publisher. I could not have gotten to this point without their help. Bless you and your talent Tracy! Carol Cook

Tracy wrote my autobiography. I never thought I would see it in print and I wouldn’t have been able to without Tracy’s help and input. She did a great job and I highly recommend her. Dave Byrne

I’ve been following Tracy Traynor’s writing career for several years, reading her books and also her blogs and reviews. Her mastery of the English language is remarkable and her writing skills and use of grammar very impressive. It’s not often these days that one can say that of any writer, but Tracy is a real winner! She has helped me with a couple of pieces of my WIP and I would use her again. Vicki Wootton

Tracy Traynor has edited Warlocks Nemesis. She is very professional, fast and efficient but most importantly she was more than an editor. The relationship between an editor and an author should go beyond just the editing service, Tracy is someone who will have your back, she is someone you can totally trust. I would definitely recommend her. Alena Des

As a new author getting his feet wet in the literary world, I have had some unpleasant experiences with editors, to say the least. Finding Tracy and Nigel from TNT Self-Publishing Services was a god send; they were very professional and courteous. Their services were performed without a hitch, making the whole process painless, ending with a finished manuscript ready for publication that was flawless. I encourage anyone looking for editing and formatting services to visit their site. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  R.B.K.  

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I sincerely hope that I can offer you helpful tips and advice as well as writing you a new exciting blurb! Please note that I read all books from cover to cover, to ensure I capture the true essence of your story. Depending on current demand, I also aim to return all blurbs within 3 – 5 working day from receiving payment.

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