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I am currently an award-winning, best-selling author, however, when I started off I wasn’t sure what I was doing and unfortunately made quite a few errors and spent way too much money. I hope by sharing my ‘tidbits’ with you, that you will have a much smoother journey.

How I Can Help You

From book descriptions to Amazon keywords and lots more. At extremely reasonable prices I will do my best to help you along your journey to becoming an authorpreneur.

Self-Publishing Guide ~ Don’t Go for Broke

My first self-help book for authors is jammed packed with advice, from step-by-step guides, to links to promoters. There’s a chapter on getting your book onto Audible and loads more.

While we cling to the fantasy that overnight success exists, the truth is… it doesn’t. Success occurs through persistence, hard work and by not giving up.

About Me

I am an authorpreneur. Besides being a writer I love to offer help whenever I can and guide people interested in self-publishing. I’m an open book and share my failures as well as my successes to help point out the pitfalls in the book world.

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